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      Yancheng Jinye Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      English name: Imidazole
      Alias: Glyoxaline; Imidazole Glyoxaline; Imidazole, ULTROL Grade; 1,3-diazole; IMZ; 1H-imidazole
      CAS RN.: 288-32-4
      Molecular formula: C3H4N2
      Physicochemical property: Property:Colorless prismatic crystal, weakly alkaline.
      Melting point:90~91℃
      Boiling point: 257℃
      Relative density:1.0303
      Refractive index:1.4801
      Flash point:145℃
      Solubility:Soluble in water, ethanol, ether, chloroform, pyridine, slightly soluble in benzene, insoluble in petroleum ether.
      Use: Used as the organic synthesis of raw materials and intermediates for the preparation of drugs and pesticides
      Add: Ninghai Road, Chemical Industrial Park, Binhuai Town, Binhai County, Yanchneg City, Jiangsu
      Post code: 224555
      General Manager: Chen Guomei
      Tel: +86-515-84383999
      Fax: +86-515-80980266
      E-mail: jinyechem@jinyechem.com;
      Url: www.0551ju.com
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